Tagliata and parmesan foam

Pork Sirloin Tagliata

A delicious Italian recipe for sliced rare steak with parmesan and rocket

olive oil for cooking the steaks

2 Sirloin steaks about 300g each

100 ml virgin olive oil

1 teaspoon Dijon mustard

1/2 teaspoon horseradish

30 ml Aceto Blsamico di Modena


70g Baby rocket

40g Parmigiano Reggiano

In a heavy-bottomed frying pan over a high heat,add olive oil and heat until it is smoking hot. Remove the steaks from the fridge. Season them with  salt and place them in the smoking-hot pan for 15-20 seconds.  Turn the steaks over and fry for a further 15-20 seconds. Repeat this, turning the steaks for 2½ minutes. Remove from the pan and allow to rest on a rack set over a plate to catch the juices.In  the meantime,put the oil,balsamic,mustard,capers,horseradish in a bowl an bit it very well.Slice the steaks thinly with a sharp knife and place on a plate.Spoon over with some of the dressing.Serve with the baby rocket and finish with Parmigiano Reggiano flakes